+ To relieve pain, optimize digestion, restore a sense of calm, and get you back to feeling like your best self are among the many benefits of acupuncture
+ Information for New Patients

+ New Patient Forms:

+ Patient History/Health Questionnaire(PDF)
+ Medication and Supplement Chart (PDF)
Informed Consent (PDF)

Body Work

+ Cupping
+ Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage)
+ Far Infrared Heat Lamp

Botanical Medicine

+ Herbal consults guided by Western herbalism
+ Flower essences: The trio of life — combining the power of the sun, water and flower blossoms at their most beautiful bloom to assist you through life’s transitions
+ Handcrafted tinctures and ointments

Nutrition Response Testing℠ and Designed Clinical Nutrition

+ A system for assessing the body’s needs and stressors via the nervous system/reflexes
+ Pinpoints what foods are making the body feel worse and what foods will help you heal
+ Healing is supported by Standard Process nutritional supplements, various homeopathic remedies as well as herbs and flower essences

Lifestyle Advice to support healing 24/7

Products available to enhance health and well being

+ Katherine’s handcrafted herbal tinctures and salves
+ Solidago Farm, Dan and Katherine’s line for health, beauty and home
+ Aethereo Essential Oils and H2EO Diffusers by Plant Extracts International
+ Standard Process professional grade, whole food nutritional supplements since 1929

cupping glass