Katherine’s skills have had an incredible impact on improving my life and my recovery from multiple car accidents. Her compassionate approach, attentiveness, and natural curiosity to find ways to improve your life are what makes the difference between her and other Acupuncturists who have helped me.

Katherine has improved my balance, spatial awareness, brain fog, dizziness, joint range of motion, pain, swelling, and general happiness.  She has helped me recover from multiple surgeries and other issues in my life.

During a three-month surgery follow-up visit, my surgeon said “You are doing great for six-months post surgery.  Your spine is healing up quickly.”  I then reminded him that it was my three-month follow-up, and he was amazed.  He asked what I was doing to recover so quickly and I mentioned acupuncture.  He responded with “Well then keep doing it.  People seem to recover much faster when they are getting acupuncture, but you’re one for the books!”

There is no doubt in my mind that my life has improved in every way since meeting Katherine.  She has legitimately impacted my mind, body, and soul. – B.S.

Katherine offers a safe, warm, restorative and welcoming place for healing. I came to Katherine one year ago, depleted – physically, emotionally, spiritually. After years behind the ballet barre, mountaineering sojourns and a couple of curveballs life threw at me later, I found myself in chronic back pain that was deeply affecting both my professional and personal life. Chiropractic wasn’t working [in this case] and as someone who believes in homeopathic healing, I felt like my options were running out. And then I discovered the wondrous workings of acupuncture! Katherine is a true master of her art: not only does she understand anatomy and physiology, but more so, she possesses an astute sensitivity to meet her clients where they’re at and begin the healing of the whole person – mind, body, spirit – from there. Her gentle details are also appreciated: blanketing me in wraps that she had warming on the radiator, incorporating the use of herbs, flower essences and aromatherapy and her calming studio space are all blissful perfection. Throughout my healing journey, she has brought to light some other issues that I wasn’t even aware of that we are currently addressing and I feel so much better. So much brighter. I have become more alive and can now fully engage in my working and personal life. Thank you, Katherine! – M.S.

As a long-time client of Katherine’s I can truly recommend her. I feel that she is one of the best acupuncturists in the Twin Cities. She has helped me through a long road to recovery. She is kind and compassionate and she listens. Katherine is very authentic, she never pressures me to do anything I am not comfortable with. She is very professional and honest. I find myself leaving her office feeling relaxed and very de-stressed. I always look forward to my visits. She is a lovely person and top notch in her profession. She has a calling and is extremely talented! – A. S.

As a child I had severe scoliosis that resulted in a spinal fusion surgery of four of my vertebrae, complete with two metal rods that reinforced the spine while healing. However, the lasting impacts of this surgery causes limited mobility in my upper spine which leads to chronic pain and muscle/skeletal issues, muscle fatigue, tension headaches, and an array of knots and tender spots. Over my life I have run the gamut of traditional and non-traditional remedies to deal with my muscle/skeletal issues. Katherine is an expert at acupuncture and is one of the best practitioners I have ever experienced. She is not only able to accurately identify issue areas, she is able to understand the interconnections of the body and provide a holistic treatment. In addition to the acupuncture, she has provided me with excellent insights to nutritional supplements and plant based remedies in the form of tinctures and/or oils to help with whatever my body needs at that time. She has become my go-to for everything from the common cold to chronic pain. Her ability to target the whole body has not only relieved my muscle/skeletal issues, I have experienced less illness, more energy, even an improved sense of smell! The combination of nutritional care and acupuncture techniques have greatly improved my condition and life. – L. E.

I have been under Katherine’s care for two years and consider that I have received the highest level of care from her. Initially, as a result of blood clots (DVT), I had swollen feet (edema). By her skills, my legs and feet are normal and have remained so for more than a year. We’ve moved on to other areas. I also have ocular migraines that Katherine has successfully treated. I think that I am healthier and happier from the treatments I have received each 3-4 weeks too. I have been surprised and thankful that Katherine always spends time to listen and to ask questions. She has a much better grasp of my medical condition than does my ‘regular’ doctor. – J. R.

My husband and I have benefited from the Acupuncture services of Katherine Krumwiede since 2006. From the first time we met Katherine, mine after a downhill ski knee injury and Mark’s from old joint pain, we were impressed the amount of time she spent with us and the care she took to fully understand our current situation and why we were coming to see her. She has a very comforting yet focused style that makes us feel that she is genuinely there for us and sincerely interested in our overall care. Here intake was very complete with questions about our lives, our health and our passions. This has been so important for Mark and me, as we are not kids anymore, yet want and do lead a very active fulfilling life in work and in play. After our first few visits I was able to use my knee in all activities and my pain went away and Mark felt relief as well. Over the years we have continued to check in with Katherine for after minor injuries to keep our bodies in shape for challenging hikes we have tackled and to just “feel good again”. Katherine is someone we trust and will continue to see her as needed. We highly recommend her services for anyone wishing to have better well-being and improved health. – PW & MW

I give Katherine my highest praise as a healer. She has been indispensable on my journey back to health and has helped me with a huge range of issues including depression, sleep, gut health and joint injuries. I highly recommend both her Nutrition Response Testing and acupuncture services! – R.M.

Katherine’s practice incorporates both acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She is very gifted at identifying issues you have and resolving them through her use of acupuncture, herbs, supplements and changes in your eating habits. Her process includes helping you understand the world around us and how the environment can actually help you. – M. L.

Katherine brings a deep knowledge of acupuncture, a kind, gentle heart and great practical wisdom to her practice, thus, tending to her patients as a true healer. I initially came to her for help after nothing seemed to work with Achilles tendinitis and added, as an aside, a struggle with grief. Her help with both has been nothing short of amazing.Thank you! – L.B.

When is the last time a health care practitioner calmly spent time with you getting updates and talking with you before making a recommendations and giving you care?  When I think of Katherine Krumwiede and Diamond Stone Oriental Medicine, I get a deep comfortable feeling of “yes, this makes sense, it feels right.” Katherine has skilled acupuncture techniques and blends them with herbal consults and Nutrition Response Testing among other services. I feel fortunate to have Katherine helping my family and me stay healthy. It took a while to get my husband to go to see Katherine, but his response was “It didn’t hurt a bit” and “What’s there not to like about the nap?”.   – L.D.

Since childhood, I’ve dealt with seasonal allergies and eventually, after adopting a beautiful cat to help chase mice, I learned I was allergic to her too. I did what most people do, rely on pills and sprays to treat the symptoms. No matter what I took, I ended up with sinus infections. Those led to antibiotics and even surgeries. It took many years, but I finally got tired of always taking prescription medicine just to wind up back in the doctor’s office. So on a whim, I made an appointment with Katherine to try acupuncture. At the first visit, Katherine carefully explained what would happen, why she was asking certain questions about my medical history and answered any questions I had. She placed the needles in and then left me to lie in a dark room for about a ½ hour. It was so relaxing!  And within 24 hours, my sinuses were much clearer without taking a single antibiotic. I’ve been seeing Katherine now for 7+ years. She’s treated different issues over the course of those years, and I have recommended her to friends. I’ve learned a lot from her about how to take care of myself. I always notice a change in how I feel after seeing her. And, even people who don’t know I’ve gone in for an appointment can tell something is different. One friend says it’s like my “whole system gets reset.”  That’s something I don’t think pills and sprays have ever done. – K.O.